The bluepill GROUP developed for the recently merged Belgian flagship carrier Brussels Airlines (formerly Virgin Express and SN Brussels Airlines) an involving and value adding Second Life campaign.

The objectives:
-To raise brand awareness among Second Life inhabitants
-To attract new international customers
-To position Brussels Airlines as an innovative brand

To realise these objectives the b.places campaign was developed and soft launched on June the 19th 2007.  is a Second Life Resident Rated Hotspot Directory that has despite it’s recent launch already become one of the most successful Hotspot Destination Directory available about Second Life.

After only 4 weeks, b.places had already received 5.829 unique resident votes collected via 157 interactive b.places voting boxes which are available on 61 Hotspots throughout the virtual territory of Second Life.

Further, more than 10.000 Real Time updated HUD’s (Head Up Displays) were in circulation. And this was just the beginning. In the mean time, March 2009, there are more than 800 Hotspots, 6.000 Voting Boxes, 80.000 HUDs and more than 350.000 votes!

The b.places approach shows that Second Life is very much alive and kicking, despite the recent SL bashing by some media.

To be successful it requires more than rebuilding Real Life structures virtually, It simply all depends on your concept, very much like in the Real World!

So what’s the secret behind this concept?

The b.places concept is made up out of three core elements that are carefully utilized in order to provide the SL Residents with dynamic and unique immersive experience with real user benefits that truly reflect the brands Real Life activities.

1 – The web site
A Resident Rated Hotspot Directory that allows Second Life residents to browse the Hotspot directory, look at the TOP rated Hotspots, leave comments, submit own Avatar pictures and suggest new Hotspots

2 – The b.places Voting Box
The Voting Box allows SL residents to vote for a Hotspot, provides a link to the Hotspot web ranking, dispenses a HUD and  provides more Information about how b.places works. Every week 15-20 new Hotspots will be selected and a Voting Boxes will be  placed.

3  – The b.places HUD
The HUD gives you 5 major functionalities that enhance the Resident travel experience!