Most employees find working with the latest electronic devices such as smart phones or tablets fun, engaging and comfortable. Hence it is a great way to grab the employees attention!

Mobile Learning in corporate education enhances adoption and completion rates as well as collaboration and discussion between learners, also outside of work hours.

Therefore the bluepill GROUP in collaboration with Diversophy has developed an Android Application that allows internationally exposed professionals to train and learn know-how, facts and behaviours they need to succeed in a diverse and global environment.

With Campus 3D diversophy® apps at the fingertips, learners will be in a league of their own when it comes to dealing with the challenges of living and working with people different from oneself.

Learners play one Culture at a time impacting their layers of recognition of cultural differences and how to manage them. This is ideal for valuing human diversity and involving learners interactively in diversity training.

In this game based learning experience, you will:

  • Discover useful FACTS about different cultures & other parts of the world.
  • Learn how to SPEAK & ACT in other cultural surroundings
  • Get INSIGHT & TACT from experts about the culture you are exploring.
  • Understand and manage common RISKS and OPPORTUNITIES found in new environments.

diversophy course materials have been developed by over 30 intercultural experts and researchers under the direction of Dr. George Simons, an internationally renowned interculturalist.

Generally, there are 100 or more questions and comprehensive answers in each quiz focused on information, behaviour, values and challenges that one finds in each culture or theme. The learning material is divided into 5 chapters. You are challenged to unlock, pass every chapter in order to progress. But no matter whether you answered right or wrong you will be a winner each time you learn something new. Campus 3D diversophy applications are available for more than 30 national and group cultures as well as for culturally important themes such as global teamwork, global negotiation, cultural competence, etc.

Find our available Android Apps on the Campus 3D Android Market page.

Available Campus 3D Diversophy Android Application: Italy, China, India, United States, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, Global Teamwork, Russia, Germany.

To buy your Campus 3D Diversophy Android Application simply connect to the Android Market on your mobile phone.