Marketing Research in Virtual Worlds:

Building brand loyalty and repeat purchase sustainability through effective marketing strategies has become a major challenge.

The moment of product use and consumption is becoming the most essential driving force behind a product’s success in today’s markets: positive memories and experiences concerning the use or consumption of a particular product assure the product’s high repurchase rate, and play an increasingly important role in the marketing mix strategy – and this is the main field of Sensory Marketing and a set of tools to conduct Marketing Research in Virtual Worlds.

marketing research

The Second Life Platform in combination with various marketing research tools developed by the bluepill GROUP give researchers faster, better and more efficient possibilities for conducting Marketing’s Research.

The bluepill GROUP let’s you capitalise on the strength of this 3D platform. The result is a much deeper understanding of your clients and product characteristics!  The focus of Marketing Research activities in Second Life can be put on: V2R – Virtual world to real world,  V2V – Virtual world to virtual world, R2V – Real world to virtual world.

Together with with SAM Sensory and Marketing International we conducted various Marketing Research exercises and presented the results on the 4th SAM Sensory Marketing Seminar in Küsnacht, Zürich Switzerland.