Projects need people to manage them.

We have the people and the full expertise to efficiently steer your internal/external company projects and programmes.

We’ll identify the critical success factors of your project, taking the different interest groups into account. In doing so, we’ll analyse your business processes and turn them, in collaboration with you, into requirements.

We work energetically and passionately towards the successful completion of your project through organisation, management, design and system migration. We also take care of the roll-out in individual departments and/or at any business unit around the world.

Drawing on our many years of experience, we’ll support you in selecting the appropriate technologies, tools, service providers and organise the transition to integrated IT systems and cost-efficient operation.

Talk to us and we’ll show you how to tap into our wide expertise and efficiently steer your project and programme.

Senior Project Managers
Your contact person throughout the entire process and the pilot of your project. Highly experienced project managers for strategy, embedding the project in your organisation, stakeholder management, and crisis and conflict management.

Project Managers
Project managers with solid methodological expertise in planning and daily project tracking. A useful complement to the senior project manager for the cost-efficient allocation of tasks.

IT Project Managers
Our specialists for complex technological issues, with extensive experience of working in environments strongly influenced by IT. The ideal addition to the team in the planning and implementation phase.

Roll-Out Project Managers
Introducing systems in an international environment calls for highly developed cultural and social sensitivity. The Roll-out PM is therefore the ideal crew member to call in during the final phase of projects involving roll-out in decentralised organisations.