Barcelona, March 2009

The bluepill GROUP launches 3D Campus a fully integrated v-learning platform and studies its effectives in a joint case study with Diversophy and the French business school ESPEME Lille, Paris, Nice.

The 3D Campus is a fully immersive SL learning platform which is fully Moodle and Sloodle integrated and can be easily adapted to a wide range of study content.

The course “Doing Business with US Americans” was taught by Dr. George Simon and Jen Stouse teaching 60 Students in standard face to face sessions at the ESPEME as well as in remote learning and collaboration sessions using 3D Campus. The 3D Campus encompassed 24 interactive learning exercises targeted at the development of cultural competencies alongside spaces for remote meetings and collaboration.

The results of this study are presented on the SIETAR – USA Congress, April 01-04-2009.

Find more information consult the SIETAR USA web site or talk to us here.