Advanced Aerial Security is the focus of Nightingale Intelligent Systems a start-up based in San Francisco, USA.

The bluepill GROUP was the partner selected to research & develop web based Mission Planning Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to support Nightingale Intelligent Systems.

Nightingale Security provides Robotic Aerial Security, for corporations. The service consists of drones, base stations and powerful mission control software—working together to provide autonomous, 24×7 physical security using real-time aerial surveillance cameras and data gathering sensors.


  • Control everything, anytime, from anywhere in the world
  • Watch live video feeds from multiple drones
  • Configure mission details—flight path, hover duration, etc.
  • Intelligent Path Planning (IPP)
  • Simultaneous video streams and data sensor information
  • Command all drones at multiple facilities
  • Object recognition and following
  • Manually control drones, cameras and sensors
  • Static obstacle avoidance (dynamic obstacle avoidance in beta)
  • Mission Control is accessible on PC and mobile de


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles





Catch a Glimpse of Robotic Aerial Security


Nightingale Security Blackbird

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